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The Selby Escape Rooms

We wanted to offer rooms that would entice the people of Selby and the surrounding areas, to give them a reason to book so they could learn about Escape Rooms. When you can’t explain what is happening in the room it makes it difficult to explain what you need to do.  

World of Wizardry Escape Room of magic and wonder, we continue and will continue to improve the decoration and amend the puzzles in the room. With so much interest in this room, it is important to keep this fresh!


Anarchy of the Seas Escape Room Filled with something to make all your senses feel like your on a pirate ship trying to Escape. This room is our most un tapped rooms, I mean when its in competition with A magical escape room its hard to compete, but trust me it is a fantastic room, full of surprises and something to really giggle about.


Back From The Future Escape Room can you help Marty save the worlds future? With a team of trusted partners you may be one of the 25% to complete the room, can you take the task on? It is our highest tech room and one that will leave your head spinning. As it is has been so popular we are going to be re-vamping it over the next few months so make sure you get your chance to try the room before we change it…

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Cafe, Bar and Cocktails



Offerings @ Selby

We have become well known for our quirky Cocktails, Crazy platters and Group, Hen and corporate events in Selby. We try and cater to all.

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The Smoking Escapologist Puddings that wow people as the smoke trials past them is just one way that we prove we are about the theatre, and dramatics. Or try a Potter Potion, a glory of fruity sweetness and bubbling potion magic, surrounding your self with a fully encompassing surrounding in the bar, you could chose out of 2 bars too…

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