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Spoils of Stormborn

  • Location: Selby
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 2 - 6

A Adventure to help Stormborn!!

Welcome Lords and Ladies, You are members of some of the greatest Houses in Westros. Finding your way through Weirwood tree, but who will defeat the White Walkers.. that’s down to you...


More Information

The Kingdom has descended into chaos, everywhere you turn, violence and death are happening at the hands of power – hungry nobles in pursuit of the Throne. As they all bicker amongst themselves, an evil force is growing beyond the North, an Undead force that threatens the lives of everyone in the land.

You’ve seen this evil yourself. You came face – to – face with the dreaded Undead King and barely escaped with your life. His armies have numbers beyond counting. You know that you need to act now if you want to save the Kingdom, but the Nobles are preoccupied with their current war, and none of them believe in the horrors that lie beyond the North. How will you get them to stop them arguing amongst themselves and listen?  And even if you manage to get them to listen, how are you even going to defeat the Undead army when they are invulnerable to ordinary weaponry?

Only one thing can kill the dead, a weapon fashioned from the purest Fire-glass, an exceedingly rare crafting material. Legend has it that there is a wealth of Fire-glass hidden somewhere within the deepest wood. To find it, you’ll need to journey through crypts and woods, battle the fiercest Dragons and uncover the darkest secrets of the land with your trusted crew of associates.

Only you, and your team can unite the Kingdom and end the Civil War. Only you can plunge a Fire-glass dagger into the cold heart of the Undead King. Play Spoils of Stormborn today and bring the world back from the brink of collapse!

About Spoils of Stormborn Escape Room

Welcome my Lords and Ladies.

As part of some of the great houses of Westros. The Night King and his Army of the dead are on the march and has put everyone in the 7 kingdoms in danger. Can you make it through the crypts and past the Weirwood tree in time to save the kingdoms? Make sure you don’t wake the Dragon whilst trying to solve the puzzles… Will you find the light to help you? Will you be able to save the Kingdoms? If not, all will be lost…

Upon entering Spoils of Stormborn escape room with your teammates, now your chosen Army, you will work together to solve clues and puzzles, unlock prison gates, release locks and find all the treasure. The experience is fully immersive, so you will find yourself in realistic scenes relating to what happened on the day of the fight with the White Walkers game, giving you a truly incredible game experience

You have 60 minutes before all is lost, gather the Army, retrive the dragon glass

Spoils of Storborn Escape Room FAQ

Is Spoils of Stormborn Escape Room physically demanding?
Yes, his room is there will be an element of bending down needed. This room is family friendly room.

Will I be blindfolded when going into the escape room?
No you wont, however it is darkly lit in the room to create the right atmosphere to give you the most immersive experience.

Is this room Gory or anything like the TV series Game of Thrones?
No, it has only been an inspiration for the room theme, you start in a castle with Bust Statues going through to a dragon room, ending in a dark tree room. It is mysterious but not in anyway, gory, scary or jumpy.

How old do you have to be to complete the escape room?
A minimum of age 10.

Do you have to be accompanied by an adult?
If you are under the age of 13 you will have to have an adult in the room with you at all times as there is a difficulty level of the room and we wouldn’t want you to get stuck and not enjoy your experience. If you are 13 -16 years you will need an adult at The Escapologist at all times.

What if I start panicking in the escape room?
Don’t worry all doors as you go through the rooms are unlocked at all times so there is always an easy way out.

Is there a waiver?
Depending on the room there will be a waiver

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