Escape rooms, bar and restaurants in Selby, York, Leeds

MI8: Ice Cream Dept

  • Location: High Wycombe
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 2-6

What do you do when you discover spies are operating in the most unlikely place?

An urgent mystery set in the tastiest environment.

Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Parlour is a popular joint. They sell the most delicious Ice Cream in all of England, but underneath it’s quaint and cheerful exterior is a sinister operation that needs to be stopped.

Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Parlour is the beloved home of the creamiest and most delicious cold treats you’ll ever taste, but be warned, these treats are just here to distract you from the sinister happenings lurking under the parlour’s surface. Sweet Dreams is home to an organisation called D.A.I.R.Y, who are dedicated to causing all kinds of Ice Cream related havoc. To get an idea of the mischievous nature of this organisation – you should know that they are solely responsible for the price increase of the 99’ flake! Over the past decade they have been researching how to make a nuclear ice cream recipe.


You are a member of MI8 who has gotten wind of this plan and managed to connect with a fellow agent working undercover within the organisation, Mr Curly Whirly. You will need to follow in his footsteps to find the recipe and expose the organisation. Hurry though, your presence has activated a bomb which will destroy all evidence! You have an hour to find the recipe, disarm the bomb and escape with your life.