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  • Location: Castleford
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 2-5

What will you sacrifice to save yourself?

Your darkest fears await you and your team in Insomnia.
Will you free your team or save yourself?

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A room of horror, stillness, darkness surrounding you creating a world of Insomnia. Can you and your team hack the twists and turns of the room? What will you sacrifice to break free?

Prepare to be in a room of darkness, not knowing what is behind you or in front of you. Are you in the game to be saved or will you be left… Will you be trapped or will you be be freed?

Insomnia Escape Room FAQ

Can we dress up for the escape room?
Im not sure the props will be ideal to dress up in, unless you want to be covered in blood upon wearing them…..

Is the Insomnia escape room hard?
Whilst we make our escape rooms challenging for a range of ages and abilities, there are harder puzzles and easier ones, this room is medium difficulty to ensure all ages can really enjoy the room. This is the reason why if you are under the age of 18 and over 16 you need to be accompanied by an adult to get the best out of the room and complete it successfully.  We will tailor our escape rooms for different age groups too, depending on your needs, to keep it fresh and engaging.

How old do you have to be to complete the room?
A minimum of age 16 is required.

Do you have to be accompanied by an adult?
You may only play the game if you are over 16, and we advise over 18’s to accompany any under 18’s in the room, due to theme of Insomnia. The Adult in the room with you at all times as there is a difficulty level of the room and we wouldn’t want you to get stuck and not enjoy your experience.

What if I start panicking in the escape room?
We are watching at all times and there will be one dedicated Games mater watching Insomnia players. So if you are panicking we can open the safety hatches for you to come out of the room.

Is there a waiver?
This room there will be a waiver for you to complete for this room. The room is very scary and is in complete darkness apart from candles. Please ensure all participants complete their own documents as if not completed you will not be able to play the room.

Can I reserve the Insomnia escape room for my business?
Of course you can! For further details on our private function room hire or corporate events then head over to those areas of website.


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