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Back From the Future

  • Location: Selby
  • Difficulty: Medium-Hard
  • Players: 2 - 6

Can you solve the puzzles of the past and future and escape?

Based on the popular film trilogy, our Back From the Future escape room will have you and your team pitting their wits against their past and future selves to save their timeline and escape!

More Information

Are you ready to put your time travel skills to the test, drive a Delorean and pilot a hoverboard? Step into a world of days gone by and a technological future and escape from both to power up the Delorean and make it onto the wall of fame. 

You’ll need all your cunning and shrewd observation as you solve old-school puzzles and tricky, technological mind-benders to escape Back From the Future. In just 60 minutes you’ll travel to the good old days of milkshakes and rock ‘n’ roll then jet off to a future where hoverboards and technology rule supreme.

Will you and your teammates rise to the challenge, power up the Delorean and make it home? The experience is fully immersive, so you will find yourself in realistic scenes relating to the popular film trilogy, Back to The Future, giving you a truly incredible game experience.

Back From The Future Escape Room FAQ

Can we dress up for the escape room?
Absolutely! There are lots of props within each room and they’ll make for great photo opportunities at the end.

Is the Back From the Future escape room hard?
Whilst we make our escape rooms challenging for a range of ages and abilities, there are harder puzzles and easier ones. This is the reason why if you are under the age of 13 you need to be accompanied by an adult to get the best out of the room and complete it successfully.  We will tailor our escape rooms for different age groups too, depending on your needs, to keep it fresh and engaging.

How old do you have to be to complete the room?
A minimum of age 10 is required.

Do you have to be accompanied by an adult?
If you are under the age of 16 you will have to have an Adult in the room with you at all times as there is a difficulty level of the room and we wouldn’t want you to get stuck and not enjoy your experience.

Is the room fully based on the film trilogy, Back to The Future?
No, not entirely. This is due to copyright issues. However, we’ve based our Back From the Future escape room as closely as possible on the adventures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly and their trusty Delorean.

What if I start panicking in the escape room?
Fear not! You’re never physically locked in any of our rooms. All doors you go through, including the entrance doors to the escape rooms, are unlocked at all times, ensuring 100% access to the outside world.

Is there a waiver?
Depending on the room there will be a waiver.

Can I reserve the Back From the Future escape room for my business?
Of course you can! For further details on our private function room hire or corporate events then head over to those areas of website.