Escape rooms, bar and restaurants in Selby, York, Leeds

All Muggled Up

  • Location: High Wycombe
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 4-10

Hurry! Gnomes have stolen your bags, and you have a train to catch!

A frantic adventure in a fantasy world.

You arrive at the station with just enough time for a coffee before your train. The only train that will get you to school before the start of the year. You look away for a split second, but that’s still enough time for Gnomes to run off with your items!

Slanty Lane is known for its quirky little shops stocking all kinds of weird and wonderous items. Students studying the Mystic Arts preparing to start the new school year are frequent customers of the Slanty Lane Shops. Need a three – eyed Toad, or Cauldron with a self – stirring wand? Slanty Lane is the place to go.

You are a Wizard about to return to school for the year. Unfortunately, mischievous Gnomes have decided to steal your luggage and hide them all over Slanty Lane. You have about an hour until the train leaves for school, and you need to be on it – but what is a Wizard without their wand?

You’ll have to use the most advanced magic to locate the magical items and arrive at school on time. Good luck!