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Corporate parties packages

We welcome you to our brand new corporate parties package tailored to your business needs. Adding the Escapologists’ escape rooms into your corporate mix, your team will benefit from a completely immersive escape room experience where the sole task is working together in the most effective way to ultimately escape the room.

Our escape rooms are available for teams of up to 6 players. Upon entering the rooms, you will be faced with a non-physical, immersive and gripping challenge against the clock. The room is full of cryptic clues, puzzles, lateral and critical thinking tasks and mental challenges where an unusual way of thinking, team interaction and effective communication become key!

Perfect for corporate teams and businesses to bring their teams together in an unusual setting. Ideal for corporate entertainment needs or team events.

Why choose Corporate Team Building at The Escapologist? ͞

“The best way to get to know your team is to lock yourselves in a room together͟” – The Escapologist

Let’s paint a picture, shall we? Imagine a building filled with people, all of whom are so overjoyed with life that a frown hasn’t been seen in 17 months. Everyone gets along with each other. Emails have ceased to exist due to the discovery of the telephone and communication through talking in person. Sales have grown 187% in the last quarter due to customers absolutely falling in love with customer service, quality of the product, and services provided.
Sounds impossible, I know. That’s because it is. The reality is most companies are significantly removed from this ideal (and unrealistic) culture that I just described above, but there are clear benefits in getting a business closer to this reality. Our Escape Rooms bring new angles to a trend that’s taking the World by storm, offering a unique platform that helps facilitate a team building atmosphere that businesses can benefit from.
For those not familiar, our Escape Room’s place a group of friends, family, or co-workers in a room for 60 minutes. The group of people will dig through clues, analyse objects, use team work and communication, and race against the clock to find the key to solve our themed rooms. Not only is it incredibly fun for all of those taking part, there are three key takeaways from our Escape Room experience that directly benefit the health and profitability of a business.

Team Building

Teamwork. Communication. Collaboration. Three nouns that make a business person scream with glee or weep from heartbreak, purely driven by the existence (or lack) of these three words in their business environment. Our Escape Rooms fundamentally require all three things to be present for a group to be successful in their mission.
A majority of the puzzles and challenges that exist in any of our room’s require people to work together to decipher codes or make sense of set pieces. It also requires them to constantly keep each other updated on progress made, as well as checking in with each other to see if help is required (and making sure everyone is aware of the time that is left).
Our Escape Room settings are very close to a project environment in the work place, both long-term and fire-drill in nature. The experiences that the group will feel and witness in our Escape Room’s are directly translatable to a wide array of situations in the business world. Having a team work together, communicate, and collaborate in order to solve a room will set a strong precedent and fou ndation for everyone involved, and the experience can be pointed to as a successful result of working as a team.

Morale and Motivation.

A happy workforce is a happy customer. This notion has been proven millions of times over in every imaginable industry. It is no surprise that an employee who feels treated right by his/her company will be driven to do as good of a job as he/she can. Luckily, our Escape Rooms offer a great way to improve morale in the work force.
It is human nature to feel a sense of pride when accomplishing a major task with a group of people, triggering dopamine levels at every successfully completed task. Our Escape Rooms not only offer that feeling to all that can conquer the challenges (and those that can’t), but is always followed by a tremendous amount of fun. The feeling of camaraderie is a powerful one, and a very beneficial one for a team of people working for a common goal, which is the purest definition of what a business ultimately is.

Identifying Leaders & High Performers

Every organisation requires a leader. Every department requires a manager or supervisor. Every company requires a strong CEO that will point the ship in the right direction. These traits are very often part of a person’s personality – something that is written in their DNA. The Escapologist’s Escape Rooms allow these traits and characteristics to surface in a clear and obvious manner.

Companies will be able to clearly see who is acting like a leader, or identify someone that has a high ceiling. This person will often delegate tasks to others and will play a key role in solving the most complex puzzles in the room. He or she may also be a constant point of contact for all other people in the group (every office has the person who seemingly knows everything). This helps companies identify employees who are respected by their peers and have a lot of value to bring to the business.

In conclusion, a business’ key mission is simple – maximise the value of every pound invested in the company. Escape Rooms offer an ROI that is hard to beat by offering a great platform for team building, improving morale and motivation, and identifying leaders and high performers.
And it’s fun. What’s better than that?


Included in our business parties and team events packages are our fully immersive escape rooms for two teams at once (up to 6 players in each room) and function room hire afterwards; enabling your team to debrief, take the proverbial or use the time wisely!

Day delegate 3 package options (max 25 people): starting from, £24.99pp, enquire below for more information.

Conference Room Hire
Use of the chalkboard walled Conference Room, enabled with 200” projector & surround sound audio. The Conference Room seats 20 Board Room style.
All packages can be tailored to your specific requirements.


‘The Ultimate’

A corporate change and leadership package.

Are you ready to unlock the potential and create positive change in the workings of your organisation? From leadership to groups and teams within your organisation, you can take advantage of our special package that will enlighten, motivate and energise your employees or leadership teams. Your group will learn techniques and models and take away a new mental toolbox, which can be used to implement further into your organisation’s workforce and culture creating strong foundations through a deeper understanding of yourself.

Owen Lewis has had over 20 years experience working with people with many different outcomes. He delivers life-changing outcomes through models and techniques. To find out more, please visit his website here.

If you would like more information including prices for this package, please call our team on 01757 247500.

Corporate parties at Christmas

As we approach the festive season, why not use the challenge of our escape rooms to add a special corporate team building touch to your corporate parties and Christmas gathering?! Included as part of your Christmas corporate party package is also use of our function room, at no extra cost.

For only £25 per person, you benefit from a 3-course Escapologist Christmas meal. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are also included on our menu. We will include a welcome glass of mulled wine, and a hot drink to complete your meal. Also included is the use of our private function room for 4 hours.

If you would like to add the challenge and fun of one of our escape rooms, you can include this package for only £10
Please click here to view the menu for the evening.