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This goes side by side our coffee coupon offer. This coupon allows people to donate money to be set aside for the Homeless to visit and have food or drink. This is available at The Escapologist, York (any other site). This is our way of helping each individual community.

SASH was chosen as this dovetails our coupon idea. Feeling it was the perfect fit for our York Escapologist where we can help. Our staff can again assist in charity days to help give the homeless clothing, food, drink, helping to make a difference.

SASH is a charity which helps prevent youths been homeless, SASH offer two services, one which when someone has become homeless they take them in and they stay in an emergency house, which they can only stay up to two weeks in, once they have stayed there for 2 weeks they will be put with a host family which they can stay there up to two years, if there are no hosts in the area the youth lives they will be moved to a different town or city. The Hosts don’t get paid they just do it out of the kindness of their heart. Most of the young people who go to SASH are aged 16 – 17 years but the age ranges from 16 – 25 years.

They are a lot of people in Selby which need a host family to live with but at the moment there are only 2 host families in the area.

Action – We would like to raise awareness in Selby and let everyone know how they can help SASH, we would also like to set up an offer for the 2 host families, where they can come to us and we can offer them a free meal or even an escape room for them to do some team building.

Ways we can help SASH:

  • Volunteering at fundraising and community events.
  • Helping with SASH Active days – where they take the young children out on team building activity’s, they need volunteers to help run these, we could also set up one day every month they can come to us and use the escape rooms and we could provide them with lunch (sandwiches).  SASH do this to help build confidence and enable them to develop skills.
  • SASH have events once a month or every 6 weeks (waiting for the dates) we could offer a raffle prize of free escape rooms for during off peak times.

On the 10th October, it is world homeless day and they are having an event in York Parliament Street to raise money which they would like volunteers to help which bucket collection.

  • We could do a coffee morning.
  • Donate an escape room
  • Bake sale
  • Bucket collection in Selby or York

SASH would like to come to or corporate event to let businesses know we are supporting their charity.

We are waiting on the dates for the upcoming event and to see what we would be able to get involved in.

Marie Curie

Why Marie Curie?

Marie Curie charity has a strong link to the Directors at The Escapologist. So it was a quick decision in choosing it as one of our charities. With a strong positive impact on families and people who are suffering. Unfortunately, this support is needed at the hardest time of their life. This charity gives people this support and guidance.

We will be arranging charity days for our staff to go out and help make a physical impact. Doing our bit to help make people aware of thisfantastic charity.

Marie Curie have trained and dedicated volunteers who help people with terminal illnesses, they offer companionship and emotional support and they help people out with everyday tasks.

Events and things, they would be able to do for us,

  • Every Mmarch and Christmas they have a Yorkshire Brain Game which is a corporate event.
  • October, they have a volunteer raffle which we could donate an escape room too.
  • If we hold an event for Marie Curie, they can put it in the paper and promote the event for us.
  • They have a local newsletter they send out across north/east Yorkshire.
  • They would be interested in coming to our corporate events to let businesses know we support their charity.
  • March, they have their biggest corporate event in London to raise money, a lot of big business go to this event.

They also hold sponsored events/challenges which they always need volunteers at which we would be able to help with.

We are currently waiting on the date for the upcoming events.