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A Day in the Life of…. A Game Master

What is a Game Master I hear you ask? Well, Game Masters here at The Escapologist are essentially our ‘hosts’ that run the escape games for the many groups of escapers who visit us!

“Being a games master involves a lot of things; all of which are fun to do. Meeting with the group for the first time is always a laugh; I love to engage in some light banter about what you can and can’t do in the rooms, as well as making the health and safety talk a little less dull!

I love adding flavour text as we enter the starting room and creating a story for people to play along with, and I can change it game to game depending on what kind of vibe I get from the group. If they are into the lore/ big fans of the theme I can add little extras, and its always fun to improvise answers to any questions they may have about the “story”.

Observing the groups play is also a highlight (especially big events groups such as those looking for alternative stag dos), from watching groups cheer at every puzzle they solve to one group trying frantically unscrew part of our equipment and me having to frantically inform them that’s not how to unlock it! One elderly gentleman even managed to pull a door off its rail!

But in the end the best thing to hear is that the group enjoyed their time- whether it be celebrating a speedy/close escape or maybe not escaping at all; the most important thing to me is knowing they had fun. It makes the job worthwhile

Credit to Dom Gould, Escapologist Game Master

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