Escape rooms, bar and restaurants in Selby, York, Leeds


How we got here…

As a director team, we have enjoyed many years within the leisure and tourism Industry. As we started setting up The Escapologist we had many ideas on where to focus next, but which to choose?

We saw escape rooms and the concept really caught our eye. The more we delved deeper into our inner-child, there was nowhere else that gave us the butterflies we still experience to this day. Next, we thought what better way to explore the addictive test of your grey matter than to sandwich your escape with a unique social setting, aesthetically magical surroundings and a vast array of food and drink options. The result; an incomparable synergy of Machine, Mystery & Mixology!

The Escapologist Escape Rooms, Bar and Restaurant – Steampunk Theme

So, we knew we wanted to encapsulate our escape rooms games within a strong theme that would flow through not only the physical interior design but we wanted to create the feeling like there was no clear start or end to your escape room experience. The Escapologist’s fabric is one of a journey in itself, where the bar & restaurant is a mysterious machine personified in the perfect theme – Steampunk (you can read all about what is steampunk here).

Retro-futuristic, almost as if Jules Verne and Harry Houdini had gone for a pint and decided to open a bar.

About Charities

Charities have been a strong part of our business as we have been developing it. We’re proud to support SASH, a charity helping to prevent youth homelessness.

You can read more about our supported charities below:

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