Escape rooms, bar and restaurants in Selby, York, Leeds

Ahh Selby, North Yorkshire; what a place. Situated with Selby Abbey central to the town, this beauty boasts a historical artefact that is one of a kind to a little Town like Selby. On the surface, it looks like a sleepy little town that you can easily pass by as you travel south from the City of York. However, you’d be really missing a trick by not stopping for a while to try some of the things to do in Selby, such as taking in some great history in Selby Abbey and taking part in the wealth of family-friendly fun activities.

Whether you’re a Selby local or you’re looking for some great activities to get your teeth into, we’ve got our top 5 things to do in Selby right here, so let’s get started.

(Big thank you to David Mason for the usage of his stunning picture of Selby Abbey. You can see more of Regent Classic Organs work on his page here.)

1 – Selby Abbey

What would a top list of things to do in Selby be without at least a little mention of our historical Selby Abbey? The Abbey has been part of the local community for over 900 years! Not just for the spiritual amongst you, Selby Abbey boasts one of the impressive Abbey churches found anywhere in England. Often referred to as the hidden gem of Yorkshire, the Abbey offers a unique and long-stand history that is not just a local church but is a living and vibrant part of the local community.

Selby Abbey has endured through a tumultuous history, undergoing many changes and never truly stands still. The staff at the Abbey very much look forward to welcoming you to their grand building to enjoy its history and architecture.

You can find out more on the Selby Abbey website.

2 – The Escapologist

And finally, what sort of list could we make about things to do in Selby and not even at least hint at our very own escape games and restaurant? We love to welcome friends, families, parties and corporate gatherings to genuinely cater for your adventure needs.

Our flagship escape rooms offer different challenges to adults and children alike. We have a fully stocked bar and superbly catered restaurant offering local produce cooked to perfection. If you’re looking for a host for your next birthday party or children’s party then we’ve got you covered there too.

To book your next day out with us, head to our booking page, or contact us for more details.

3 – Mister C’s

Of course, with all the adventuring you’ll find yourself participating in during your activities in Selby, you’ll want to fuel up with some tasty food and drinks to keep you going. We couldn’t help but mention our very own Escapologist restaurant for a wide range of top food options here, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight Selby’s very own award-winning fishery, Mister C’s.

Opened in 1981, Mister C’s have always been committed to delivering the freshest quality products with a friendly smiling service to every customer every time.They’re a family-run business and still use the same batter recipe they did when they opened over 35 years ago!

Using only the best-quality ingredients, which come fresh from the sea and straight from the soil, you really need to try their menu to appreciate what they have to offer.

Check out their wares on the Mister C’s website.

4 – Selby Superbowl

Selby Superbowl is a bowling alley towards the south side of Selby that offer a veritable Swiss-Army Knife of fun things to do in Selby. From bowling to lazer tag to their Kub Karting for younger children, there’s something for everyone here.

Their centrepiece is their 12 bowling lanes, each of which is equipped with optional bumpers and ramps. They can cater for just about any size of group, whether it’s a birthday party, special event, or you just fancy taking your family and friends out for a great day of fun.

Superbowl’s Lazer Tag is another treat for the more sci-fi loving fan amongst you. It’s an innovative, interactive non-contact game, popular with all ages. Each player is equipped with a special vest and their own phaser gun before heading out into the breach, in a free for all mission.

5 – Summit Indoor Adventure

Summit is the complete leisure centre experience, newly opened just off the high street track in Selby. Offering a huge range of options, there is something for all tastes here, whether you’re more active or prefer a slower pace. Whether you want to ski, skate, board, ride, trek, play, climb, eat or bowl, Summit Indoor Adventure has you covered.

Their main list of activities includes the following:

  • Indoor Ski – Treadmill
  • Adventure – Climb with a cafe
  • Bowl – Enjoy the Bowling with an onsite Restaurant and Bar.
  • Ride – Skate or mountain bike round the large open space with man made hills and a half pipe.
  • Aerial Trek – trek around the top of the skate park!
  • Adventure Play – perfect for kids to run around in a safe environment
  • Diner – onsite next to the bowling alley.